As of: March 18th, 2019

Bad Axe offers premium saws ready to ship. Below you'll find fresh troops ready to deploy in your workshop in dress uniform. These saws represent our most popular combinations of filings, alloys, wood species and finishes guarranteed to sever wood fiber like it's on rails and look good while doing it. Here, you'll find dovetail, carcase, sash and tenon saws filed to your custom choice of dediated rip, hybrid-cut, and crosscut and tuned for your exact purpose.

NOTE: Saws ship within the following 4 business days. Pay close attention to handle size. Configurations are sold as is.


Mark D. Harrell

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Our completely finished, ready-to-ship 'One-Sawyer-Roubo' Frame Saws are now ready for shipment. Available in two sizes and four species:


Our new finished Kerfing plane with adjustable fence is ready to ship! Available in four species just like our frame saws.

Shipping sticker shock alert: These finished and assembled frame saws are shipped in large boxes measuring 49 x 25 x 5. Typical UPS charges average $40 - $50 per shipment.
Size Regular Frame Saw Species Options Available

(please allow up to 5 working days to ship)


Finished Kerfing Plane Species Options Available ($375 Base Price)

(please allow up to 5 working days to ship)

Finished Frame Saw Size Long Frame Saw Species Options Available ($445 Base Price)

(please allow up to 5 working days to ship)


These are completed and finished frame saws--hammer-set & sharpened, ready to ship. Details and Specifications can be found here.

When we run out of stock for finished frame saws, Reserve your custom-designed frame saw here (ships in 4-5 weeks)


Bad Axe Kerfing Plane & Frame Saw Sawplates & Balance of Hardware Kit (Includes the following:

  • Hammer-set & pre-sharpened sawplates for both frame saw & kerfing plane
  • Fasteners for the kefing plane plate
  • Balance of hardware kit for the frame saw.

We provide all metal components required, and you source the wood. Size regular. Price: $275.

Details & Specifications here.


Bad Axe 14"Bayonet Precision Carcase Saw ($260 base price); Filing: hybrid, Pitch: 14 ppi, Gauge: .018, Sawback: TiN-plated Carbon Steel (add $50), Species: Maple (add $30), Fasteners: Niter-BluedSlotted-Nuts (add $27.50), Size: (S);

Retail: $367.50 - $50 off due to cosmetic defect on the underside of the sawback (you have to look for it) and bead-blasted discontinued medallion fastene; discounted price= $317.50

Size Small (how to measure)


Bad Axe 16" Tenon Saw ($275 base price); Filing: hybrid, Pitch: 12 ppi, Gauge: .025, Sawback: Black-Oxided Carbon Steel, Species: Cherry (add $20), Fasteners: Brass Slotted-Nuts, Size: (R);

Retail: $295 - $25 off due to small dents on the front sides of the handle cheeks (you have to look for them) discounted price= $275.

Size Regular (how to measure)