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Bad Axe Tool Works' Facebook page is a portal for saw enthusiasts and woodworkers to stay up-to-date with all of the goings-on at Bad Axe Tool Works. Discover sale events, browse photos of my product offerings, share your own photos, and be the first to hear about Bad Axe promotions and site news.

That said, I welcome you to become a fan on Facebook!

What Is Facebook?

Facebook is a worldwide social network, connecting friends and family from all over the world. From uploading photos of your family vacation to messaging old high school friends, Facebook is all about people sharing and communicating with each other. If you don't have a Facebook profile yet, you'll be happy to learn that setting one up is free, easy, and best of all — you can enjoy as much or as little privacy as you want. To sign up, just click here. Fill out your full name, email address, and other basic information to get the ball rolling. Then fill out the security form - just type the random words that appear on your screen.

Make sure your email address is valid, as Facebook will not let you complete the process until you've verified it.

Using Facebook

If Facebook feels a little overwhelming at first, don't be discouraged. You'll get the hang of it in no time! Just spend some time on the site looking around and playing with all the different features. Here's a little Facebook glossary to get you started:

  • News Feed - It's just what it sounds like. With the news feed, you can keep tabs on all your Facebook friends. Your feed may show that your brother was recently tagged in a photo, your coworker is attending a party this Saturday, and your best friend is "feeling sick." All of the other elements of Facebook come together for the news feed, which essentially just sums up all your friends' recent activity. As well, your friends can see what you're up to (unless you change your privacy settings).
  • Wall - Each Facebook profile has a wall, which is meant to be written on! For example, if you want to wish a Facebook friend happy birthday, simply mosey on over to their profile and write your birthday wishes on their wall. Your friend, and anyone else their profile is open to, can read your wall posts.
  • Status - What are you doing, thinking, or working on right now? You can update your Facebook status at any time and all your Facebook friends (as well as anyone in your public network) can read it. You can also keep up with other people's statuses.
  • Application - There are all kinds of applications on Facebook that were created by all kinds of individuals and businesses. You can download some or none of the available applications. Some may enhance the user experience while others might just be entertaining.
  • Tag - Photos on Facebook can be "tagged." Instead of using a photo caption to explain who's in the photo, you can tag the photo itself. Click the face of someone in the picture and then fill in their name.

How to Become a Fan

Find the Facebook page here, or at the top of the sidebar on this page. Then click "Become a Fan". It's that easy. If you're a really big fan, let your friends and family know so they can become a fan, too.

Once you're a fan, you can stick to the sidelines or interact with the group. Upload photos of your latest woodworking project, share your experiences, and even give advice to others.