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Bench Hooks are to back saws what coffee mugs are to drill sergeants...and as indispensable as they are, it's sometimes just a pain to make your own when you'd much rather go straight to work on a project as time permits in your busy schedule.

I'd like to offer you one of mine, a nice, two-piece set made of quartersawn red oak with the miters already cut into the fences, that performs as good as it looks. You'll get double-use out of this bench hook; when one side wears out, flip it over.

If you're a southpaw, indicate that in your purchase note, so I can make your hook for a left-handed user.

Compared to other bench hook sets on the market, this one commands a premium price, but you get what you pay for: a square, jointed, ruggedly-constructed two-piece set you'll get double-use out of. More details follow below:

Bad Axe Bench Hooks Feature the Following:

  • Fully cured and quartersawn red oak.
  • Bombproof construction: Hooks and Fences locked in via dado cut and glued with TiteBond III glue for superior holding strength.
  • Companion Support rest included for longer pieces of work.
  • New for Summer 2010: Companion Support rest now includes a walnut planing stop for modest block plane requirements, making the bench hook set even more versatile. Planing stop rises 1/4" high, spans the width of the support rest, and is secured via dado joint & Titebond III glue for bombproof durability.

  • Bed measures six inches wide by 10.5" deep; the hook and fence is 1.25" square.
  • 90 and 45 degree mitre guides already cut into the fence; the fence is shortened by half an inch on the right side for straightforward cuts you'll want to make and still have a bed for your saw to bite into at the end of the cut instead of the nice Roubo workbench you just made.
  • Flip the bench hook over, and you have reverse mitres for situations when you need a different angle for a troublesome cut.
  • Reverse side is an excellent choice for edge planing the work.
  • All surfaces planed, but not smoothed—friction counts when bracing your work against the fence.
  • Wood treated with a traditional mixture of boiled linseed oil, honey beeswax and turpentine.

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