Kerfing Plane

Combined 'One-Sawyer-Roubo' Frame Saw & Kerfing Plane DIY Kits: $395
(includes pre-dimensioned wood and all metal components for both tools)

Developed the urge to try your hand at cordless resawing?

Then have a go at Bad Axe's interpretation of Andre Roubo's 18th century design, where a sawplate kept in tension by a frame follows a track created by a kerfing plane. It's the cordless method of resawing wood, which worked quite efficiently over 250 years ago, and works just as well now.

Bad Axe offers components and kits for both tools--and they'll make a great addition for your workshop, whether you purchase in kit format or the finished tool itself.

There is a lot of information on this page, so here are some quicklinks that will enable you to jump immediately to what appeals to your eye the most:


'One-Sawyer-Roubo' Frame Saw DIY Kit Overview

The Bad Axe 'One-Sawyer Roubo' Frame Saw (finished tool) New!

The Bad Axe Kerfing Plane with Adjustable Fence (finished tool) Coming Soon!


DIY Kit Contents and Overview:

Bad Axe now offers combined kits for both the Roubo frame saw and the kerfing plane, or separate components if you already have one of the tools. The lumber bundle and balance of hardware kit with sawplates are also sold combined with the hardware or separately for those of you who would rather source your own wood.

Bad Axe 'One-Sawyer Roubo' Frame Saw and Kerfing Plane DIY Kits.

Purchasing Metal and Wood ( for both tools)

Description: Everything you need to build both tools with pre-dimensioned lumber, both plates, fasteners, and balance of hardware kit. $395

Contents Include:

  • Frame Saw pre-dimensioned lumber bundle
  • Frame Saw Handle Template and layout & Joinery Specifications
  • Frame saw hammer-set & pre-sharpened plate
  • Frame Saw Balance of Hardware Kit
  • Kerfing Plane QS Cherry Blank
  • Kerfing Plane hammer-set & pre-sharpened plate
  • Kerfing Plane Fasteners


Purchasing Metal only (for both tools)

Description: Purchase metal components only for the two-tool DIY Kits including both plates, fasteners, and balance of hardware kit. $275

Contents Include:

  • Frame saw hammer-set & pre-sharpeneUd plate
  • Frame Saw Balance of Hardware Kit
  • Kerfing Plane hammer-set & pre-sharpened plate
  • Kerfing Plane Fasteners

Individual Frame Saw & Kerfing Plane Kit Components

Already have one tool and now want to buy the other? You may purchase separate components below for either frame saw or kerfing plane

Separate Components (Hardware)

please note that we are presently back-ordered on our 'Plate 278' balance of hardware kits, and will resume sales for purchase in late May 

Pre-Dimensioned Wood (separate components)

Pre-Dimensioned Wood (combined Kerfing Plane & Frame Saw)



Lumber Bundle Includes:

  • 4-piece QS Red Oak & Walnut Frame Saw Wood
  • 1-piece QS Cherry Kerfing Plane Wood
  • Frame Saw Handle Ends Template
  • Roubo-Style Joinery Schematic with measurements
  • Interchangeable with the Tom Fidgen Frame Saw Design

    Metal Components Include:

  • 'Plate 278' Roubo Hardware Kit
  • Frame Saw Sawplate, hammer-set & sharpened
  • Kerfing Plane Sawplate, hammer-set & sharpened
  • 2 pr Kerfing Plane Brass Fasteners



Introducing the 'Plate 278' Frame Saw Hardware Kit

"If Andre Roubo were alive in today's hand tool market, how would he modify his frame saw design for a one-person operation, and how would he take advantage of 21st century production techniques?"

From "To Make as Perfectly as Possible:
Roubo on Marquetry"
(Lost Art Press)
The Kit:
We began offering our KPFS balance of hardware kit eighteen months ago to accompany our frame saw and kerfing plane plate sales based on Tom Fidgen's baseline, no-nonsense design illustrated in his excellent book, The Unplugged Woodshop.

And what resulted was exactly that: a budget-conscious, workable balance of hardware kit that gets the job done, which frees up the user from sourcing materials locally and making what can be a pretty challenging hacksaw cut that oftentimes drifts off square and making a much wider kerf than what the plate itself requires.

Then we took a look at the original hardware Andre Roubo designed in plate 278 from Roubo's "To Make as Perfectly as Possible: Roubo on Marquetry" (Lost Art Press), and asked ourselves. . . .

"If Andre Roubo were alive in today's hand tool market, how would he redesign his frame saw design for a one-person operation, and how would he take advantage of 21st century production techniques?"

With that imperative firmly in mind, we decided to do two things: we modified Roubo’s original design from a two-man 48" saw, to a one-man tool with 30.5" plate and resawing approach Tom Fidgen envisioned in The Unplugged Woodshop. In so doing, we upped the ante in keeping with Bad Axe's mantra that form follows function at the highest possible level. What follows is the dramatic result:



The Hardware: Where 18th Century Design meets 21st Century fit & finish

We completely overhauled the entire hardware kit to make it stronger, accurized and corrosion-resistant. In short--we wanted the brackets, eye bolt, retaining u-bolts and striker plate & screws to look like the vintage hardware Roubo originally forged, while leveraging today's superior manufacturing & finishing techniques. Here are the new specs:

  • Thicker Tensioning Bracket Walls: We redesigned the plate tensioning brackets with 3/16" thick walls, constituting the strongest, most durable frame saw plate tensioning bracket available in the market today.
  • Accurized Kerf: The new brackets are pre-kerfed by CNC to achieve precise width & depth, with absolutely no slop or drift: our CNC'd approach achieves dead-nuts accuracy with no guesswork or chance that you will veer off square when making the cut by hand. The kerf itself is has an exacting width tolerance between .032 /.035--less than the variance of a human hair.
  • Professional finish:We promote a strong visual appeal by grinding the carbon steel brackets free of machining marks, followed by bead-blasting to deburr the edges and maintain a consistent surface texture. We then apply a professional-grade black-oxided finish for corrosion-resistance, and to present a nicely matched look with the shouldered eye bolt.
  • The eye bolt. rocks: We source our drop-forged and black-oxided eye bolt. (lift-rated to 1000 pounds overkill) from one of Wisconsin's very own: Green Bay Drop Forge, whom you have correctly surmised share a home with the Packers ("Go, Green Bay!). Even Yvonne (Bad Axe Co-Owner, CIO/CFO and my better half who was born and raised in Duluth, MN, and as such is a die-hard Vikings fan) agrees with this move. A 3/8-16 brass jam nut accompanies the bolt, to reinforce thread count engagement for bombproof plate tensioning, which at the same times adds a subtle decorative flourish.

  • Beefier striker plate, U-bolt retainers and black-oxided slotted head screws: Our remaining components constituting the striker plate and U-bolt sawplate retainers are also made here in the US. We’re black-oxiding the U-bolts in carbon steel, and have developed a thicker striker plate in stainless for strength and wear-resistance.
  • Our kerfing plane and frame saw plates themselves remain sized for a one-person operation while promoting optimal throw in the cut. We hit the sweet spot with those long ago after much research and development with Tom as he was writing The Unplugged Woodshop. Our 30.5" design provides maximum amount of throw without making a saw requiring a two-person operation, or by short-changing the average throw with a shorter saw (which brings no added value).
  • The frame saw plate now consists of American-smelted, corrosion-resistant Blue-Tempered 1095 Spring Steel: One minor but important change to the frame saw plate itself consists of our selection of 'Blue-Tempered' 1095 alloy spring steel smelted and tempered at an Ohio foundry right here in the USA.
  • Given the length and expanse of the plate, we have decided to go with the corrosion-resistance that the blue-tempered brand offers over other manufacturers. It doesn't hurt that the deep, niter-blued oxide is pretty easy on the eyes as well. Those of you who prefer a bright-polished look may wipe down the plate with gun-blue remover available at any gun store.
  • As with any Bad Axe saw, our frame saw and kerfing plane plates are are uncompromisingly hammer-set and expertly sharpened to joint by hand. Attend one of our seminars, and we'll train you to hit our standard! But that's better explained on another page. . . .





Inside the 5-Piece Quartersawn Red Oak/Walnut Lumber Bundle

Frame Saw & Kerfing Plane Pre-dimensioned kit wood now available! (delivery by mid-April 2017)
Want help sourcing premium quartersawn & pre-dimensioned wood components certified bug-free to round out your frame saw and kerfing plane DIY kit? Try our 5-piece frame saw & kerfing plane package, so you can get immediately into the joinery: $145.*


The Combined Pre-Dimensioned Kit Wood for both tools includes:

- 4-piece quartersawn and pre-dimensioned Red Oak with Walnut pin-stripe frame saw components.

- 1-piece quartersawn and pre-dimensioned cherry kerfing plane blank.

Note: at 15 pounds, shipping in tandem with the sawplates and balance of hardware kit typically runs between $15 - $30 depending on what part of the country you live; additional surcharge applies for HI, AK, and international orders.

Separate Components (Wood)

We now offer pre-dimensioned, quartersawn lumber kits for the frame saw (red oak with walnut pin-striping) and kerfing plane (cherry), so you can get right in to the joinery.

The wood is sustainably harvested right here in Wisconsin and consists of premium stock you'll thoroughly appreciate working.

To promote a cosmetic flourish and enhance wood stability, we now make these component blanks out of a 5/8" thick sheath of quartersawn red oak sandwiching a 1/4" piece of walnut. This greatly mitigates wood movement with seasonal change while simultaneously enhancing the beauty of the tool.

At $145, the five-piece bundle is not cheap, but you'll be pleased with the quality, jointed flat and square stock with the convenience of not having to source it yourself. All you need to do with this stock is craft the joinery.

Like our bench hook sets, this is obviously something you can source and dimension yourself--but at the end of a busy day, convenience counts when you're on a tight schedule.

We offer quality, quartersawn lumber without you having to not only source it yourself, but doing the grunt work of flattening, squaring and shaping before getting to the (by far more fun) joinery part.

The five-piece bundle weighs in at 13 pounds, so bear in mind that shipping will vary between $15 up to $30 depending on what part of the country you live in (surcharge applies for international orders).




    Carve a Roubo Frame Saw Handle Scroll with Mary May

    Watch Celebrated Wood Carver Mary May demonstrate how to carve scrolls onto the handle ends of your Roubo-style frame saw with the video you see on the right. It's an easy, step-by-step process using three chisels, a mallet, a pencil and some trace paper. Here's what you'll learn over the course of this excellent 30-minute video:

    • Mallet & chisel hand/body control
    • Tips, tricks and pitfalls
    • Hogging out the waste while maintaining the line
    • Safety considerations (“leave as little DNA attached to your carving as much as possible!”)
    • Avoiding tearout with changing grain
    • Blending depth transition
    • Softening edges

    On the whole, you'll find this highly instructional video a great start for novices venturing down the woodcarving path. Find out more online about Mary May's Traditional School of Woodcarving.




Introducing the 'One-Sawyer Roubo' Finished Frame Saw--new for Spring 2017! (4-5 weeks delivery)

Bad Axe 'One-Sawyer Roubo' Frame Saw ($399): $100 Down Payment:

Finished Tool Includes the Following::

* 30.5" hammer-set & sharpened sawplate

* 'Plate 278' Balance of Hardware Kit

* Finished Frame

* Does NOT include the kerfing plane kit/hardware (forthcoming). This transaction is for the finished frame saw only.

NOTE: some assembly required for shipping purposes.

Make Deposit

Introducing the new Bad Axe 'One-Sawyer-Roubo' Frame Saw! If you are an Andre Roubo aficionado, then this tool has the look and feel of what Andre Roubo himself would have designed with modern production tools and finishes. Utilizing our 'Plate 278' Hardware Kit and Bad Axe quality hammer-set & hand-sharpened plate, we offer a complete tool ready to use, so you can get on with the resawing work at hand.

Reserve your frame saw today
(4-5 week delivery)
: $399 total price. You may make a $100 down payment at the right to be applied against the total. This is a finished tool ready to put to work (some assembly required due to shipping requirements).





All Bad Axe Tool Works Saws are highly customizable, and Feature the Following:

  • Custom filing available at same price per request
  • Bad Axe saw sharpening rates $15 nominal fee
  • Highly-figured 19th-century patterned hickory handles, also available in cherry, walnut, maple & mesquite.
  • Five handle sizes available: XS, S, R, L, XL
  • Flush-face slotted sawbolts/nuts in three alloys and four finishes with a 13/16" deep-dish decorative medallion
  • Firearms-quality hot-blued/black-oxided finish on a traditionally-folded carbon steel back
  • Optional bright nickel carbon steel, brass, copper-plated saw backs
  • Premium-grade Swedish Spring Steel, RC50-52
  • Traditional hammer-set toothline
  • Lifetime guarantee against all material defects and workmanship

Learn more about our material choices and saw design rationale.

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