16" Tenon Saw


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Introducing our 16" tenon saw, a reliable workhorse for general tenon cutting tasks. While it may seem to be an average tenon saw, its exceptional craftsmanship sets it apart from the rest.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this tenon saw showcases a 4" deep x 16" long premium-grade Swedish spring steel saw plate, ensuring reliable performance and longevity. Its pitch of 12 teeth per inch (ppi), strike the perfect balance between rip and crosscut capabilities when filed hybrid, further enhancing its versatility for various woodworking tasks. With a plate thickness of .025 inches, this saw offers stability and precision during cutting operations. Notably, it provides a generous depth of cut at 4 inches, allowing you to tackle larger projects with ease.

This versatile tenon saw proves invaluable for a range of woodworking projects. It excels at cutting tenons and is perfect for benchtop resawing, allowing you to transform thick lumber with very few strokes. Experience the craftsmanship that sets our 16" tenon saw apart. With its exceptional build quality and reliable performance, it's a tool that will serve you well for years to come. 

This is a great all-around tenon saw, where wide spans and depth of tenon cheek are a common requirement for making beds and tables. Got a workbench design in mind with a 3.5" thick top? No problem, though, I'd recommend its 18" big brother for any bench-making with tops thicker than 3.5". My advice to newcomers is to start out with this guy in 12 ppi hybrid cut, and when you're ready to purchase a dedicated ripping saw, consider the Jack saw in 11 ppi rip or the 18" Beast in 10 ppi rip.

  • 12 ppi (Pitch per Inch)
  • Recommended Filing - Hybrid
  • Plate Thickness .025"
  • Kerf of .032"
  • Depth of cut 4"
  • Perfect for building workbenches and large furniture
  • Great for cutting tenons, and bench top resawing

Handle: Modeled after traditional 1887 Disston-pattern closed handle. All Bad Axe handles are milled from full heart quartersawn stock in Cherry, White Oak, Hard Maple and Walnut. Why quartersawn? Though it's the most expensive cut of wood, quartersawn stock mitigates wood movement with seasonal change, which can throw the plate out of true.

Bad Axe sources all handle stock from a family-owned business practicing sustainable lumber harvesting practices, and with whom we've done business from the very beginning. North American hardwoods: beautiful, sustainable, environmentally responsible.

Backs: Traditional folded sawback finished in black-oxide carbon steel, or titanium nitride carbon steel. Read more about this critical component for any backsaw, and why Bad Axe promotes the enduring traditional folded sawback over commonplace static-backed saws that disallow retensioning the toothline with heavy use.

Have you purchased enough brass-backed saws already to know that they just don't age that well? It's a great look, but it doesn't take long for tarnish to set in, and over time a brass-backed saw deforms with hard use, wreaking havoc on your toothline. But it's traditional, right? And conveys a traditional, warm look we all like to see. But form only goes so far before substance sets in. You very seldom see brass-backed saws longer than 12" or 14", because brass just isn't a strong enough an alloy for larger saws. Steel on the other hand presents superior strength and durability. So-we at Bad Axe made the hard choice to phase brass out of our product line, since it's difficult to work with (it has a 'springy' quality to it), doesn't form well, tarnishes, and at the end of the day, just doesn't measure up to carbon steel, which can take a variety of plating’s for aesthetic purposes.

Long a favored finish for high-end firearms, titanium nitride presents stellar corrosion and wear-resistance, Titanium-Nitride hits the sweet spot when it comes to form following function. The tone falls between the look you get between brass and bronze, so it certainly scratches that aesthetic itch you desire. And the cool thing about it? We can apply Titanium Nitride on our largest sawbacks, where the strength and durability of a steel-backed saw is paramount. So, what are you getting for the $75 upcharge? It's obviously not cheap-because it's not a cheap plating process for us to apply. But what you get is corrosion and wear resistance, along with that deep, brass/bronze look that retains its golden luster over time. Give it a shot--this is a drop-dead gorgeous plating that will retain its deep, rich look for the generations to come.

Check out our hand size chart and measuring graphic in order to get the best fit on your new saw.

Handle Size Length
Extra Small Less than 3 1/8"
Small 3 1/4" - 3 1/2"
Regular 3 5/8" - 3 7/8"
Large 4" - 4 1/4"
Extra Large More than 4-3/8"
  • “Thanks so much for the tenon saw. It is a beauty!! It feels great, cuts great, and looks terrific. I'm definitely pleased. Think I just might start saving now for a Doc Holliday!” -Mike Kraft, Tempe, AZ

  • “This is without a doubt the finest saw I have ever used since using more and more hand tools in my woodworking. I am building 3 tables for a customer, and each has a number of tenons. Once I adjusted for the weight of the saw, it is so easy to start if you let weight of the saw do the work, I zipped through those tenons quicker than the time it takes to set up my tenon jig for the table saw. I have also used it for crosscuts in all types of wood from oak to poplar, lines marked of course with my kick-ass Bad Axe pencil.” -Rick Lasita, Humbolt, TN

  • “When I opened my new 16" Bad Axe Tenon saw, I noticed that it weighed more than any of my other saws because of its beefy construction. The more I used it, the more I really liked the weight of the saw and how it was able to plow through white oak leaving a beautiful smooth face on the tenons I was cutting. They sharpened my saw with the "hybrid cut" so it also makes a ready to dovetail surface on my crosscuts. This saw is easy to control and wonderful to use even for a newbie hand sawyer like me.” - Marilyn Guthrie, Seattle, WA 

  • “I just can't believe the control and speed I have. I've read all about your saws, which is why I chose to go with your saw over others for this purchase. But using is everything. Just for comparison's sake, I contrasted your saw with an old Disston that I sharpened about two years ago that has seen very little use. There really is no comparison. Granted, my sharpening skills leave much to be desired, but that Disston was leaps and bounds better after I sharpened it. However, it very simply cannot compare to the Bad Axe. The tracking, the speed . . . it's all just mind blowing. I must get more time in. I crave that feeling. I must get more saws! Really, thanks again. I cannot sing the praises of this saw any louder.” -Jim Burton, Denton, TX

  • “I decided to try a Bad Axe saw after reading positive reviews in woodworking magazines. I needed a large back saw that could make an angled cut over 3" deep through the side of a board to create a scarf joint for a guitar neck/head assembly. I found the Bad Axe to be ideal for this application. The saw encourages accurate work, feels comfortable in the hand, and is beautiful to look at. It has become one of my most used and enjoyed tools.” -Luthier Bart Hovis, Kirkwood, MO See how Bart makes guitars

  • “The jack saw has definitely played a huge role in the construction process of this furniture (project). All the bases for the tables are built with either 12/4 or 16/4 walnut. This stock was too thick to be cut at the chop saw or the table saw...so rock the Bad Axe!!!! We processed piles of table parts and cut them to length with the Jack Saw. The saw just eats wood for breakfast. It is perfectly tuned for fast cuts through walnut! When you cut this heavy stock in a chop saw it can get hairy, but the Jack Saw takes it in stride!”- Furniture Designer Jared Wayne, Cincinnati, OH, Reach Jared on Facebook