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Bad Axe Tool Works makes saws
as they would have appeared fresh out of a 19th Century American sawmaker's shop, only you're in the driver's seat when it comes to how you want the saw trimmed out and tuned to your exact requirements.

Custom-built Bad Axe saw delivery: 5-7 weeks.

Premium saws ready-to-ship.
Updated: 19 Oct 2014

Free shipping between 20-22 Oct for premium saw purchases; continental US customers only 

Vintage saw sharpening & tune-up service turnaround: 4-6 weeks.

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Apple and bronze. Mequite and black nickel. Walnut and bright silver nickel. Or perhaps copper? The combinations number in the thousands, and you get to design the saw that suits your requirements the best. Just let me know. ~ Mark

Why Bad Axe Tool Works?

Excellence is not optional at Bad Axe. When you purchase one of our saws, you'll take delivery on a traditional, hammer-set saw tailored to your personal aesthetic and tuned in conformance with your woodworking style. When nothing but the very best will do--we deliver.

– Mark Harrell, Owner
What Our Customers Say
  • "I take a deep pride in my suite of Bad Axe Saws. Mark has preserved one of the great art forms that is woven into what makes America a great creative country."

    Geoff Brandenburg, Truckee, CA
  • ". . . .tracked the line like a bloodhound. Hats off to you, good Sir. You have again exceeded my expectations."

    Adam Cruea, Odenton, MD

  • "Just stunning, absolutely impeccable craftsmanship. Disston and Wheeler have nothing on you, Sir. I am further convinced that yours are the finest saws being made!"

    Robert Bellman, Waverly, IA
  • "I'm just blown away. These saws track like they are on rails! You truly are an artist, and it's refreshing to see this type of craftsmanship."

    Johnny Harrell, Boise, ID
  • "I think my son's reaction to his American Kid sums it up. I gave him the saw and the first thing he said was: Can we go cut some wood? Thanks again, Mark!"

    Todd McHenry, Chicago, IL
  • "I received my order today and cannot tell you how in love I am with these bad boys. The quality of cut and feel in your hands cannot be beat. OUTSTANDING!!!"

    Dan Cuevas, Camp LeJune, NC
  • "I realize you claim no magic is involved with your filing, but your saws do track like magic lasers. I need to trek to La Crosse for a seminar."

    Bela Hackman, Memphis, TN
  • "Of course a problem immediately occurred in that now I have three or four premium saws from other companies up for sale so that I can invest in a couple more Bad Axes. Outstanding, Sir, you make us proud of American craftsmanship."

    Ted Miller, McDonald, TN
  • "There will come time, I'm sure, when we will no longer say "razor sharp" to describe how well something cuts. We'll say sharp as a Bad Axe'!"

    Brian McGeown, Brighton, Australia
  • "Even my wife, who usually just suffers my woodworking tool enthusiasm, was genuinely impressed with the finish of the cut and the quality of the saw itself."

    Ethan Anderson, Houston, TX
  • "I just received the hybrid DT saw and it is absolutely superb. The saw starts well, cuts effortlessly, and leaves a nice cut surface, all the while turning heads when in use."

    Daniel Koncur, San Diego, CA
  • ". . . holy crap - I thought I knew what sharp was. I was wrong. It turns out the best technique for using it is just to get out of its way."

    Matt Moore, York, PA
  • ". . . amazing! It came to hand as if I had been using it for 20 years and the handle was perfectly worn to fit only me. No effort on my part to steer the saw or help it cut. Its own well balanced weight and subtle set kept it true in a very quick cut. Effortless is the word that comes to mind."

    Joe Wilson, Mississauga, Canada
  • "I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your craftsmanship and I know I am not alone. Your 12” hybrid DT/small tenon saw is the favorite among everyone who uses it; and the newly acquired dovetail saw cuts with such perfection and ease. Your saws are a big hit in my wood shop, which has created a need for another saw."

    Daniel Koncur, San Diego, CA
  • "It was the most enjoyable time in my shop in a long time, thanks to your awesome saw. All the reviews are spot on and it is a flawless tool. I'm taking it to our woodworkers club meeting tomorrow to show it off. Thanks for a great product!"

    Anthony Murphy, Winchester, TN
  • "All I can say is Wow! I can't believe how easy this saw starts the cut. It tracks straight. I have no excuse for my dovetails not improving now. I'm really happy about the way the handle fits my hand. I feel like I have more control. I just let the saw do the work. Thank you again for such a quality tool that not only performs, but is beautiful to look at as well. "

    Marsha Werman, Cleveland Heights, OH
  • "You are a true craftsman! When you're gone your work will still be there to remember you by."

    Tony Marrone, Portland, OR
  • "Saw looks and cuts great! I've had a couple of decent Japanese saws - they cut fast but I always had trouble with drift and just seeing the line with sawdust always coming back toward the line on the pull stroke. Yours is by far the best saw I've ever owned."

    Jeff Chernick, Roselle, IL
  • "Just so you know, the other makes of saws that I have, and had, don't track a line or cut with the same 'feel' as yours do. There's a very deep emotional satisfaction that comes with a hand tool that performs at the peak of it's ability. Your saws give me that feeling!"

    Rob Crowson, Athens, VT
  • "I find myself resonating powerfully with my new 12" hybrid DT/tenon saw. The craftsmanship and performance you put into this tool inspires me to reach for excellence in my own work. I am grateful that you are producing tools with soul that I can hand down to my children and their children. Thank you!"

    Steve Hummel,Bend, OR
  • "Hi Mark, I received my saw today and immediately cranked out some through dovetails in red oak. It was the most enjoyable time in my shop in a long time thanks to your awesome saw. All the reviews are spot on and it is a flawless tool. I'm taking it to our woodworkers club meeting tomorrow to show it off. Thanks for a great product!"

    Tony Murphy, Winchester, TN
  • "My Bad Axe has spoiled me. It fits so well, feels so good, and cuts like a laser . . . to the point I use it for almost everything and seldom pick up my other saws! Now, I just need to get a couple more!"

    Allen 'Stump' Wilson, Abiliene, TX
  • "I always thought my substandard sawing was due mostly to my lack of skill, however, since I started using your saw, my accuracy, precision and confidence with hand sawing has improved exponentially!"

    Dallas Rysavy, Ft. Worth, TX
  • "Received the saws yesterday in perfect condition (super packing, BTW) and I'm stunned. I only thought I knew what fine tools you create. To hold these is a joy, and the fit of the handles could not be more perfect. I can't thank you enough for your outstanding craftsmanship. Wonderful. !"

    Sam Blanchard, Sunland, CA

What the Pros Say
  • RobPorcaro

    "Mark is the first sawmaker who has gotten me to put my rip dozuki on the shelf and leave it there."

    --Rob Porcaro,

    Professional Woodworker and Author

    Heartwood Blog
  • Chis Becksvoort
    "This is a saw I can use all day. It works with me, not against me. Smooth!"

    --Chris Becksvoort,

    Professional Wooworker & Contributing Editor,

    Fine Woodworking Magazine

  • "Bad Axe saws are the absolute standard of quality & function in hand saws today. And damn are they sharp!"

    --Tom Fidgen,

    The Unplugged Woodshop


    Made by Hand and The Unplugged Woodshop
  • Sue Johnson
    "Brilliant!! I have struggled to find suitable saws for the girls at our school, and know what a difference the right tools make."

    --Susan Johnson,
    Luthier & woodworking instructor
  • Disstonian Institute
    "Bad Axe Tool Works has put a lot of effort into making a saw with traditional features that are like no one else's on the market. The result is a saw that both appears and functions like a saw that Henry Disston would have put his own name on."

    --Erik von Sneidern,
    The Disstonian Institute
  • Chris Schwarz

    "If Bad Axe saws were motorcycles, we think they would be Harley-Davidsons. The craftsmanship on these saws is incredible."

    --Christopher Schwarz,
    Publisher, Lost Art Press
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