DIY 16" Tenon Kit

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Please note 16" DIY Kits are on backorder until March 1st 2024 and size small is considered custom sizing and can take up to 2 weeks longer than a ready-to-ship kit*

Dive into this unique experience to craft a saw just like we do in our own workshop!

Customize your kit work to your preferences. Opt for Unset and Unsharpened plates, allowing you to shape and sharpen the plate according to your desired specifications. If you prefer a head start, go for the Pre-Set option, where the plates are already set but await your personal sharpening touch. For individuals desiring a more efficient workflow, our Set and Sharpened plates, crafted with precision through a Hybrid filing technique, are prepped and ready. This enables you to concentrate on the aspects of the building process you enjoy most.

Our kit includes a cold-rolled steel back that provides exceptional durability and stability. The back can be black-oxidized to enhance its aesthetic appeal. 

Select from three handle sizes: small, regular, or large. Opt for your preferred species among White Oak, Cherry, Walnut, or Maple. 

Unleash your creativity and woodworking skills as you embark on your journey of crafting your very own saw. Don't miss out on the chance to create a saw that truly reflects your passion and dedication to the craft!

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