Our Crew

Come meet our crew! From left to right we have: Airek, Cass, Josh, and Adam. Just the 4 of us put out the finest saws on the market. Scroll down to learn a little bit about us and our favorite tools and hobbies.


My name is Airek and I have been here since November 26th of 2022. I am the Shipping / Customer Service Associate and also step in as the cameraman in the shop. My favorite saw is the Bayonet because it's easy to handle and can make all the cuts I need for my projects. It was also my first saw! Outside of work I love hiking, woodworking, upcycling, drawing, hammocking and more.


My name is Cass Dahlen, I am a co-owner of Bad Axe Tool Works. I've been with the company since the beginning of September 2020, starting as a Sawmaker and quickly moved to the Logistics side as my time with the company progressed. My preferred saw to make is the No. 9; I had assembled the shop prototype, so I'm partial to this being my favorite. Outside of work, you can catch me in my workshop creating a stained glass piece or enjoying nature with my pup. 


My name is Josh. I was 11B Army (Infantryman) and I am currently the new guy. I started on the 3rd of April, 2023. I am an apprentice Sawmaker. I am still learning about saws but so far my favorite saw is the No. 9 saw since it looks so unique. My hobbies are hunting, fishing, hiking, and painting.


Hi! My name is Adam and I started at Bad Axe in February of 2022. I am a Sawmaker and build the highest quality saws on the market. My favorite saw is the Ogee toe (the No. 9) because it was amazing to see the process of taking a vintage saw and making it a modern production. Plus, the handle is as interesting as it is comfy. Outside of work, I love spending time outdoors. You can find me camping, canoeing, traveling, woodworking, spoon carving, cooking, or playing with legos.