Our Crew

Come meet our crew! From left to right we have: Josh, Airek, Wes, Ripley, Cass, Adam, and Katie. Just the 6 of us put out the finest saws on the market. Scroll down to learn a little bit about us and our favorite tools and hobbies.

Bad Axe team shands smiling at camera. From left to right it is Josh, Airek, Wes, Ripley (dog), Cass, Adam, and Katie


My name is Wes Samuelson and I am a co-owner at Bad Axe Tool Works. I have been with the company since the middle of August in 2020. I started as a Sawmaker and fell in love with the craft. I moved through the shop quickly, becoming lead sawmaker, shop supervisor, and then taking on Operations fully. This job is my passion and I think my favorite saw is our 24" D8. They are my favorite saw to build and one of my favorites to sharpen. My hobbies include, volunteering in my community, tattooing, woodcarving, doing medieval reenactment, playing video games, and learning as many skills as possible. Next on my list is Blacksmithing.


My name is Cass Dahlen, I am a co-owner of Bad Axe Tool Works. I've been with the company since the beginning of September 2020, starting as a Sawmaker and quickly moved to the Logistics side as my time with the company progressed. My preferred saw to make is the No. 9; I had assembled the shop prototype, so I'm partial to this being my favorite. Outside of work, you can catch me in my workshop creating a stained glass piece or enjoying nature with my pup. 


My name is Katie and I have been working at Bad Axe since March of 2021. I am a Sawmaker and my favorite saw is the bayonet. It's so versatile and with the hybrid action I can cut through anything without blowout. Also, it's my favorite to sharpen. My hobbies include hiking with my cats, backpacking, video games, and I am obsessed with EVERYTHING related to Alaska and bears. 


Hi! My name is Adam and I started at Bad Axe in February of 2022. I am a Sawmaker and build the highest quality saws on the market. My favorite saw is the Ogee toe (the No. 9) because it was amazing to see the process of taking a vintage saw and making it a modern production.Plus, the handle is as interesting as it is comfy. Outside of work, I love spending time outdoors. You can find me camping, canoeing, traveling, woodworking, spoon carving, cooking, or playing with legos.


My name is Airek and I have been here since November 26th of 2022. I am the Shipping / Customer Service Associate and also step in as the cameraman in the shop. My favorite saw is the Bayonet because it's easy to handle and can make all the cuts I need for my projects. It was also my first saw! Outside of work I love hiking, woodworking, upcycling, drawing, hammocking and more.


My name is Josh. I was 11B Army (Infantryman) and I am currently the new guy. I started on the 3rd of April, 2023. I am an apprentice Sawmaker. I am still learning about saws but so far my favorite saw is the No. 9 saw since it looks so unique. My hobbies are hunting, fishing, hiking, and painting.

Last but not least, Ripley!

My name is Ripley, I am the shop morale at Bad Axe Tool Works. I've been coming to work with my mom since November 2022,. My preferred saw is the dovetail, it's the best saw for these little paws! Outside of work, you can find me aggressively tearing squeakers out of toys, barking at the neighborhood critters, and curling up under some warm blankets