Finished Frame Saw


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All Frame Saws are Made to Order- Orders placed between now and 05/15/24 will ship mid June 2024* 

Unleash your passion for cordless resawing with Bad Axe's modern interpretation of Andre Roubo's 18th-century frame saw. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this saw features a .032" thick saw plate (with a kerf of .041") and a 5ppi rip toothline, ensuring precise quick cuts. Experience the efficiency and heritage of this time-tested method, which has stood the test of over 250 years.

Available in two sizes, regular (30.5") and large (36.5"), and crafted from exquisite wood species combinations; Red Oak/ Walnut, Walnut/ Maple, or Cherry/ Maple, our frame saw combines aesthetics with functionality. For even smoother and more controlled cuts, pair it with our kerfing plane, designed to assist in starting the cut with precision.

Unleash the potential of cordless resawing with Bad Axe's frame saw, designed to honor tradition while embracing modern craftsmanship.