DIY Framesaw and Kerfing Plane Kits

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Our plates for both kerfing plane and both sizes of frame saw plate are hammer-set by hand and filed razor-sharp for your immediate use. Balance of hardware for the frame saw and fasteners for the kerfing plane plate are included in the comprehensive package represented for sale on the right. All you have to do is cut and form the wooden components.

If you are looking to purchase an individual kit, check them out on this page here

The balance of hardware kit includes: two brackets (with kerfs pre-cut), one of which is tapped for the 3/8" eye bolt, a 3" x 3/8" eyebolt with jam nut, striker plate with fastening screws, and two u-bolts to secure the plate to the brackets.

Bad Axe originally fielded the 25.5" frame saw kit with kerfing plane plate & fasteners, followed by the 30.5" plate & kerfing plane in .0315-gauge format. After much discussion with, we have come to realize that the 30.5" or the optional 36.5" plate represents the sweet spot when it comes to throw—that is, how to comfortably resaw your stock as a one-man operation. For those of you standing above 5' 10" or who simply prefer the desirable longer throw, we also offer a size long 36.5" plate.

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