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Introducing our Heritage Hammer Saw Set, a modern masterpiece inspired by the timeless design of the 1876 Seymour Smith Saw Set. Crafted as part of our Resurrection Program, this tool seamlessly blends heritage aesthetics with modern functionality.

Key Features:

  • Duralumin Body: The Heritage Hammer Saw Set boasts a robust yet lightweight duralumin body, offering durability without compromising in performance.

  • Hardened and Tempered Anvil/Punch: The meticulously crafted anvil and punch undergo advanced hardening and tempering processes for unmatched strength and longevity for setting your teeth.

  • Adjustable Fence: Achieve precision with ease using the adjustable fence, featuring laser-etched measurements for accurate alignments on your saw plate.

  • Recommended for use between 10-20 PPI

Embrace tradition without sacrificing innovation. The Hammer Saw Set is more than a tool; it's a testament to our dedication to revitalizing classic designs for the demands of modern craftsmanship. Manage setting your saw teeth with ease with our New Bad Axe Saw Set!