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Introducing our dedicated Half-Blind Dovetail Saw, inspired by the requirements of woodworking educator and scholar, Don Williams. This specialized saw serves as the "baby brother" to our .018-plate dovetail saw, offering a more delicate touch for precise cuts in thin stock without the risk of blowouts.

"Why do I want this saw?" First, don't buy this saw as your go-to dovetail saw where one typically makes through-cuts with their dovetails in 3/4 stock, or likes to stack drawer sides together to cut all tails for both sides of a drawer first. That sort of conventional dovetailing is where our 12" Stiletto Dovetail saw excels.

Get this saw only because you integrate half-blind dovetails in 3/4 up to 6/4 stock or want something for through-cut dovetails and/or off-cuts in 1/4 up to 2/4" stock. Will it cut 3/4? Of course, it will, but that's where cut-friction begins to affect the very limited heat sink of a .015 plate. Too much heat generated by cut friction expands the super-thin metal of a .015 plate—a point lost on many people enamored of super-thin plates.

So again—this is a specialty, half-blind dovetail saw for delicate work, and you will love using this tool designed for the purpose it is intended.

The bottom line upfront:

  • 16 ppi (teeth per Inch)
  • Filed Rip
  • Plate Thickness .015"
  • Kerf of .0225"
  • Depth of cut 1 1/2"
  • Perfect for delicate work like jewelry boxes
  • Great for cutting dovetails in up to 3/4" and half-blind dovetails in up to 6/4" stock.

Plate Thickness & Filing: Crafted with a .015 thick Swedish Spring Steel plate, meticulously filed at 16 teeth per inch (ppi) in a rip configuration along a 10-inch toothline. This filing pattern is specifically designed for finesse and excels in making through-cuts in delicate, thin stock ranging from 1/4 to predominantly 2/4, with occasional use up to 3/4. Additionally, it performs exceptionally well in creating half-blind dovetails in 3/4 up through 6/4 stock.

Depth Under the Back: The saw boasts a generous depth under the back, measuring 1 1/2 inches at the heel and tapering down to 1 3/8 inches at the toe. This depth provides ample blade support for the task at hand while maintaining the necessary rigidity and control throughout each cut.

Combined Set: With a precise, clean, and crisp hammer-set, the resulting kerf width is kept to a mere .0225 inches. This whisper-thin kerf ensures minimal material removal and a delicate, refined finish—perfect for intricate and delicate woodworking projects. Our dedicated Half-Blind Dovetail Saw offers a harmonious blend of finesse, control, and precision. Its specialized design allows you to achieve flawless, blowout-free cuts in thin stock, while excelling at creating beautiful half-blind dovetail joints. Elevate your craftsmanship with this exceptional tool that is tailored to meet the demands of your most delicate woodworking tasks.

Folded Sawback: Traditional folded sawback finished in black-oxide carbon steel, or titanium nitride carbon steel. Read more about this critical component for any backsaw, and why Bad Axe promotes the enduring traditional folded sawback over commonplace static-backed saws that disallow retensioning the toothline with heavy use.

Have you purchased enough brass-backed saws already to know that they just don't age that well? It's a great look, but it doesn't take long for tarnish to set in, and over time a brass-backed saw deforms with hard use, wreaking havoc on your toothline. But it's traditional, right? And conveys a traditional, warm look we all like to see. But form only goes so far before substance sets in. You very seldom see brass-backed saws longer than 12" or 14", because brass just isn't a strong enough an alloy for larger saws. Steel on the other hand presents superior strength and durability. So-we at Bad Axe made the hard choice to phase brass out of our product line, since it's difficult to work with (it has a 'springy' quality to it), doesn't form well, tarnishes, and at the end of the day, just doesn't measure up to carbon steel, which can take a variety of plating’s for aesthetic purposes.

Long a favored finish for high-end firearms, titanium nitride presents stellar corrosion and wear-resistance, Titanium-Nitride hits the sweet spot when it comes to form following function. The tone falls between the look you get between brass and bronze, so it certainly scratches that aesthetic itch you desire. And the cool thing about it? We can apply Titanium Nitride on our largest sawbacks, where the strength and durability of a steel-backed saw is paramount. So, what are you getting for the $75 upcharge? It's obviously not cheap-because it's not a cheap plating process for us to apply. But what you get is corrosion and wear resistance, along with that deep, brass/bronze look that retains its golden luster over time. Give it a shot--this is a drop-dead gorgeous plating that will retain its deep, rich look for the generations to come.

Handle: Modeled after traditional 1876 Disston-pattern open handle. All Bad Axe handles are milled from full-heart quartersawn stock in Cherry, White Oak, Hard Maple and Walnut. Why quartersawn? Though it's the most expensive cut of wood, quartersawn stock mitigates wood movement with seasonal change, which can throw the plate out of true. Bad Axe sources all handle stock from a family-owned business practicing sustainable lumber harvesting practices, and with whom we've done business from the very beginning. North American hardwoods: beautiful, sustainable, environmentally responsible.

    Check out our hand size chart and measuring graphic in order to get the best fit on your new saw.

    Handle Size Length
    Extra Small Less than 3 1/8"
    Small 3 1/4" - 3 1/2"
    Regular 3 5/8" - 3 7/8"
    Large 4" - 4 1/4"
    Extra Large More than 4-3/8"
    • “This is a saw I can use all day. It works with me, not against me. It flows through two cherry drawer sides almost effortlessly. Smooth!” — Professional Woodworker and Writer Chris Becksvoort, New Gloucester, ME C.H. Becksvoort, Furniture-Maker

    • “This is hands down the best working dovetail saw I’ve ever used. What immediately and honestly sets these two saws apart is that Bad Axe didn’t look at what everyone else was doing on the dovetail saw market nor did they open a history book and copy something from a dead wood worker. No sir, low and behold they asked people like you and I what we wanted in a dovetail saw and then got down to business and made it. Seriously, I can’t find a thing I’d change about them, and let’s face it, I can be picky about good design and hand tools. For balls on accuracy, speed and performance, with two sizes available, these are an investment in quality.”— Tom Fidgen, Toronto, Canada, The Unplugged Woodshop

    • “The saw arrived yesterday and, after I finally could take my eyes off it, we went for a drive through some hard oak. What can I say? Indeed, every bit as functional as it is beautiful, cuts perfectly. I simply love the walnut and brass combination. Of course, a problem immediately occurred in that now I have three or four premium saws from other companies up for sale so that I can invest in a couple more Bad Axes. Outstanding sir, you make us proud of American craftsmanship. I shall do my best to up the craftsmanship in wood that this saw will allow.” — Ted Miller, McDonald, TN                                                    

    • ". . . it was precisely what I had wanted, a baby brother to my other dovetail saw, and took a short minute to try it out on a piece of scrap wood. Magnificent. Just the right feel, just the right kerf, just the right cut. There is one flaw to the tool, however, and it is a serious one I will have to learn to deal with. It cuts so precisely and easily that I will not be able to blame any poor workmanship on the tool. It will be all mine. Curse you, Bad Axe Tool Works!" — Don Williams, from The Barn on White Run

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