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Current lead time: about 4 weeks for most configurations. Call or email for more accurate lead times.

Introducing our 18" Large Tenon Saw, a powerful tool designed to tackle big woodworking projects with finesse and precision. This saw combines balance and grace, making it suitable for medium-range requirements as well. Let's explore its remarkable features:

The 18" Large Tenon Saw boasts an impressive 4.5" deep x 18" long premium-grade Swedish spring steel saw plate, ensuring durability and exceptional performance. Its carbon steel back is coated with a firearms-grade black-oxide finish, adding to its ruggedness. The saw comes with a standard white oak handle, providing a comfortable grip, and there's also the option to upgrade to cherry, walnut, or maple handles for a touch of elegance. 

For this saw, our expert recommendation is the 11 teeth per inch (ppi) hybrid filing. With this versatile filing option, you can effortlessly rip tenon cheeks and slice off shoulders. It also enables you to use the saw as a hand-held miter saw, providing flexibility without the constraints of traditional miter boxes. If you are looking to use this as a shorter miter saw, this saw works perfectly with the Stanley No. 150 miter box and is great space saving investment for those interested in vintage tools.

Now, whether you're building a new workbench, tackling tenon cuts, or working with miter joints, this saw is designed to meet your needs. Enjoy the freedom to customize your tools, all while achieving clean and precise results. Experience the reliability and versatility of our 18" Large Tenon Saw, a trusted companion for demanding woodworking tasks.

  • 11 ppi (Pitch per Inch)
  • Recommended Filing - Hybrid
  • Plate Thickness .025"
  • Kerf of .032"
  • Depth of cut 4 1/2"
  • Perfect for building large pieces or large cuts
  • Great for cutting tenons, miter cuts, and general large joinery

Plate & Filing: The 18” Tenon is a big saw for big jobs. While its thin 0.025-thick plate excels at crosscutting, and will still rip quite nicely, I have decided to offer an optional, thicker plate for dedicated ripping purposes in beefy stock. Why? Because if you are a timber framer, or one who frequently rips deep cheeks in wide stock, you'll want a thicker plate. Any sawplate will heat up in the friction of a deep cut, the area along the toothline will expand, and without appropriate set and perhaps some lubricant like camellia oil or canning wax, the resulting heat expand and warp the metal along the toothline, promoting drift in the cut. It's simple physics--a slightly thicker plate will absorb more heat without expanding. So, while thinner plates are certainly desirable for most cuts, at the end of the day this 18" bad boy requires a thicker plate for dedicated ripping into big joints.

My personal favorite filing for this saw is 11 ppi hybrid. Whenever I build a new workbench, I can both rip tenon cheeks and slice off the shoulders in this mode. Hybrid-filing also lets you use your tenon saw as a hand-held miter saw--a great alternative to the constraints of miter boxes with elevator posts which constraint up to a third of a 30" saw's utility alone. But hybrid-filing is my personal preference as a woodworker. We each possess our own unique style when woodworking, and choose to size, trick out and use our tools in the way that works best for us as individuals-but do consider hybrid-filing-the difference in ripping speed is negligible, and you'll get just as clean a cross-cut on the end grain as you would with a (slower) saw filed dedicated crosscut.

Folded Sawback: Delve into the craftsmanship behind our traditional folded sawbacks, a hallmark of excellence that sets Bad Axe's saws apart from the rest. Unlike milled static backs commonly found in mainstream offerings, our folded backs embody a heritage of meticulous artistry and functional superiority.

Crafted through time-honored techniques, our folded backs undergo a precise process, resulting in a seamless, robust construction. This method not only enhances the structural integrity of the saw but also allows for dynamic adjustments and retensioning of the toothline, crucial for maintaining optimal cutting performance over time.

In contrast, milled static backs lack the versatility and resilience of our traditional folded backs. Their uniformity limits the ability to adjust tension, rendering them prone to premature wear and diminishing cutting efficiency, especially under rigorous use.

At Bad Axe, we stand by the enduring tradition of folded sawbacks for their unparalleled durability, versatility, and craftsmanship. Each saw embodies a legacy of excellence, meticulously crafted to deliver precision and reliability for generations to come. Experience the difference that traditional folded backs make in the world of woodworking – where precision meets heritage, and craftsmanship knows no compromise.

Handle: Each Bad Axe handle is meticulously crafted from full-heart quartersawn stock in a selection of premium hardwoods including Cherry, White Oak, Hard Maple, and Walnut.

Why choose quartersawn wood? Despite being the priciest option, quartersawn stock offers unparalleled stability, minimizing the effects of seasonal wood movement that can compromise the accuracy of the saw plate alignment. At Bad Axe, we prioritize the use of quartersawn wood to ensure the longevity and reliability of our handles.

Furthermore, we are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. All our handle stock is sourced from a trusted family-owned business known for their sustainable lumber harvesting practices. This partnership, established from the inception of Bad Axe, underscores our dedication to supporting North American hardwoods and promoting eco-conscious manufacturing processes.

Check out our hand size chart and measuring graphic in order to get the best fit on your new saw.

Handle Size Length
Extra Small Less than 3 1/8"
Small 3 1/4" - 3 1/2"
Regular 3 5/8" - 3 7/8"
Large 4" - 4 1/4"
Extra Large More than 4-3/8"
  • “The saw arrived the other day in perfect condition, and I must say it is beautiful! More to the point, though, is the fact that it cuts wonderfully. Thanks for all the care you put into creating it. It is truly an heirloom piece that will be a mainstay of my shop—a treasure really—for the rest of my life. “— Norman Reid, Delaplane, VA

  • “I started hand joinery when I built my workbench a few years ago. However, like many woodworkers, I had no idea what a good Western handsaw could do. Then, Bad Axe appeared online. After reading some of the reviews and learning a bit about sharpening theory, I decided to bite the bullet and order the 18" Large Tenon Saw filed 10pt rip. What a revelation! My other saw was also a 10pt, but there the similarity ended. The Bad Axe 18” Tenon would blast through a tenon cut with less than half the strokes of the other saw, and at the same time left a smoother finish. I don't regret a single penny spent on it.” — Robert Pridgen, Raymond, MS

  • “I got the saws a few days ago . . . I just tried them out and have to say they are freaking unbelievable. I was laying some oak bullnose trim on the kickplates of my kitchen cabinets today and used the x-cut saw and the bench hook for that, and all I can say is wow - 4 or 5 strokes and I was through the wood. My 12-year-old actually cut most of the pieces including the miters. He was loving it. It was his first time using a hand saw. I didn't even break out the powered miter saw (man, was that refreshing). All I can say is THANK YOU!”— Rick Erickson, Fayetteville, GA,

  • "The back. LOVE the back!!! But I'm blue collar, and it just takes a more serious look than the brass boutique style saws that are out there. No disrespect to them because they are sweet-looking saws that work very well. Yours just has a more bad ass, er bad axe look to it. Tougher looking. Cooler looking. Looking like what a serious woodworker or craftsman that would put food on the table would want in a saw. The other saws . . . look very nice as well, but they are sort of the Suzuki’s, Hondas, and Yamahas out there, and yours are the Indians and the Harleys. Nobody notices when a rice grinder whizzes by but when somebody cruises by slow with open pipes, heads turn. You feel it in your chest. That would be me dropping you into that group of makers."— Brian Hayner, Glens Falls, NY