Bench Hook Set


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Bench Hooks are to backsaws what coffee mugs are to drill sergeants...and as indispensable as they are, it's often a pain to make your own when you'd much rather go straight to work on a project as time permits in your busy schedule.

We'd like to offer you one of ours, a nice, two-piece red oak and walnut set with pre-cut miters that performs as good as it looks. Available in Left and Right handed configurations.

Compared to other bench hook sets on the market, this one commands a premium price, but you get what you pay for: a square, jointed, falt, and ruggedly-constructed two-piece set with dadoed fences made of quartersawn red oak you'll get double-use out of. When one side wears out, simply flip it over and use the other side.

We think you'll find our bench hook set to be an invaluable accessory not only for making precise cuts, but as a workholding solution when chopping mortises and dovetails on your benchtop.