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**Bench Hook Sets are made in batches to order-This may take up to 4 weeks to ship**  ** Select Right-Handed set if you are right hand dominant -- Select Left-Handed set if you are left hand dominant**

Introducing our premium Bench Hook set, the must-have companion for your backsaws in the woodworking world. We understand the need for convenience and efficiency, which is why we've taken the hassle out of making your own bench hooks. Now, you can dive straight into your projects without delay, even with a busy schedule.

Experience the excellence of our two-piece bench hook set, meticulously crafted from red oak and walnut. With pre-cut miters and a stunning appearance, these bench hooks not only look great but also deliver outstanding performance. Choose between Left and Right handed configurations to suit your preference and needs.

Unlike other bench hook sets on the market, ours stands in a league of its own. While it may come with a premium price, rest assured, you're getting unparalleled quality in return. Each piece is meticulously crafted to be square, jointed, and flat. The dadoed fences, made from quartersawn red oak, provide exceptional durability and versatility. When one side wears out, simply flip it over and utilize the other side, extending the lifespan of your bench hooks.